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After various road trips around the UK and Europe we had a yearning to extend the three week annual holiday into a lifestyle.  Along with many other 9-5s we pondered the what if’s?  An opportune sighting of a campsite advert on facebook presented the perfect opportunity.  It allowed us to continue our road trip adventure and earn our keep, plus what better work than entertaining others around a campfire and cooking outdoors.

After living on site and watching the changing seasons in the village, the need to live with the seasons and  become more self sufficient became obvious to me as a requirement of village life.  I have found a particular passion for botanical infusions and blending.  Protecting health and well-being through ingestion which you are welcome to follow on my ‘chatter’. This website is not an expert’s guide but a recording of a simpler way of life offering information and ideas for growing and foraging food; recipes for cooking, fermentation to preserve food for the winter; and  developing natural home products – a throwback to a more handicraft lifestyle.

We live for 6 month’s a year on the campsite where we have an orchard, grapevine and are located in a nature park for amazing foraging opportunities.  Working towards sustainability we are developing a kitchen garden and an infusion garden.  For the winter months we travel in our van, ‘The Roadtripper’, hopefully extending our harvest to vanlife using the fermentation and drying techniques. I am really looking forward to the garden to kitchen to table aspect of this journey.  The twist – Koppany Pines is in the hungarian countryside!

Join me as I plant our kitchen and vegetable garden,  experiment with different infusions, tisanes, tea blends and herbs and set up a Hungarian Village Guest Table on the campsite for an insight into hungarian village life.  If you are a roadtripper and passing our way drop in and join us at our Roadripper’s Kitchen village guest table!

Hope you enjoy sharing my journey and I would love to hear from anyone with tips and ideas for me to try…


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